Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflective Post

During this semester in eme 2040 we did a lot of work with blogs and technology based assignments. I learned a lot from the book "Transforming learning with new technology." It showed me all the ways technology can be used as an aid in the classroom. I also learned how to have an open mind through interacting with my classmates by listening to their perspectives on technology and education. Their was a lot of work involved in this class, whether it was helpful or not. I wish instead of so many repetitive assignments, we had more open class discussions.

I worked very hard this semester on my assignments and I felt like the grading was very inconsistent with my assignments when I compared it to my classmates. It was very frustrating at times knowing I put in just as much work as my classmates and the grade didn't show for it. It's tough as a student to put in the work and then not get rewarded with the correct grade. It teaches students not to want to work and just give up.

This class has taught me so much. Not as much out of the book or technology based but this class single handedly made me realize that school is not for me. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal Post #11

Examine the components and features of digital portfolios for teachers.

A digital portfolio is a great way for students looking for a teaching job, first year teachers and even students without a teaching certificate. It is a way to show the administration what you have accomplished. For instance, field experiences, summer work, and community volunteering. Digital portfolios shows all those things in a electronic format. It is recommended to start a digital portfolio as soon as you start working towards for a teaching certificate to build a detailed portfolio. It can show copies of paper materials, but it can include video, pictures, powerpoint, and other digital materials.


Tech Tool 11.1:
Digital Portfolio Building Resources

There are a few different ways to make a digital portfolio as a student or teacher. There are free versions with limited design options or you can find one with a small fee with a little bit more options. TaskStream is a very popular digital tool used for portfolios and even web design. TaskStream offers a variety of of design options. It is used for work or learning portfolios. It can be seen by the world or limited to a small community of people. iLife is another popular tool for digital portfolios. It is powered by apple for Mac Computers. You can add photos, clips of video, or even bring in the web while adding text, keywords and sound affects.


Chapter Summary:

In Chapter 11 it talks about digital portfolios and the use of assessment in schools. Digital portfolios are a great thing to learn in school. It readys you for the real world, getting a real job. The sooner you learn digital portfolios, the better. The chapter also talks about the use of assessment in schools, which i also think is a great thing. Instead of tests, the teacher assesses the work done through homework, writing, individual and group work. Most teachers focus so much on the tests they forget to really assess the students school work.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Journal Post #10

Focus Question: Give examples of how assistive technologies support teachers in reaching all learners

Assistive technology supports efforts by teachers to reach all learners in many ways. Assistive technologies are exactly that, assistive. Not only for the gifted students but for those with learning disabilities as well. Things like large calculators, audiobooks, dictionaries, and screen enlargers can be very helpful in a classroom setting. Not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom, these technologies can also be helpful when students are doing homework at home, without the aid of a teacher.

Tech Tool: 10.1 Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are also known as a touchscreen whiteboard. It is hung from the wall and connected to a computer and projector. Whatever the teacher has on the computer is shown through the white board and can be changed right up on the white board. This tool is useful because it shows the students first hand whatever your going over that day. It can helpful with a full classroom or even individual work. Teachers love this tool because the sky is the limit on the information that can be taught to a classroom through this tool.
Interactive white board lessons

Chapter Summary:

There are many different ways you can have success for all students through technology. Technology offers many different tools for students to be successful. For instance, calculators, interactive whiteboards, different softwares and even dictionaries just to name a few. Also technology offers ways to promote education for diverse learners by expanding the teachers teaching methods. Overall, technology brings so much to the table for giving the students the ability to be successful.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Journal Post #8

What is the best use of a classroom website or teaching blog and how can it improve learning for students. 

 The first most important factor to address when considering blogs is that they are both free and easily accessible. A classroom blog would involve day to day activities within the classroom as well as teacher planning and lesson templates. A teacher blog can be a bit more personal, including interaction between students or other teachers. The best thing about a blog is the ability for outsiders to be involved. Others are able to comment on specific areas of the blog with their own personal questions and thoughts. 
Websites on the other hand are a bit more professional. These are loaded with information and comment sections are generally disabled. The benefit to websites is that they are informational and a great resource to students. However, when it comes to the classroom, I would suggest the use of blogs to encourage student interaction and to increase overall classroom participation. The use of websites and blogs is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom.

I would ask students to create their own blogs to keep them active with today's technology and to have students interact with each other by commenting on ones blog. I would also have students on various websites where they can find information on the current lesson. 

Tech Tool 8.2: Communicating with Skype
Skype is a tool used to communicate through a camera on different electronic devices. I would use it in the classroom if a student is out sick for a week and needs the homework/ classwork that they have missed. You can have skype always turned on so the student can participate during the whole class period. 

The chapter talks about different ways to open up the window of communication between students and teachers using blogs, websites, skype, email, and text messaging. Due to advancement in technology these are all new ways that are becoming more common in the classroom in the 21st century. Now a days even social media is being used between educators and their students. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journal Post #7

What are digital games for learning and how can students and teachers use them successfully?

Digital games for learning is a computer based software used for kids. Teachers use these for the simple fact that students can learn a lot easier on the computer in this day and age. It gives a visual feedback instantly on how the student did in the game. It is also a more fun way to learn than looking through a book or pencil to paper. These games motivate the students to want to play while learning at the same time. It helps the teachers to motivate the students, and a feedback instantly.

Math Blaster
Math Blaster is a video game used for ages 4-12 to learn pre-algebra and algebra. It is a point scoring system just like any other video game. The setting is outer space with aliens and obstacles, the only way around them is to solve the math problem given. Depending on the age, there are single, double and even triple digit number operations. The more you solve the harder the problems.

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This chapter talks about how technology is used for problem solving and inquiry learning. It mentions the different computer apps, software and video games that the teachers can rely on to practice problem solving skills that are learned in the classroom. It also talks about the different software's that aid in building, inventing and creating and even problem solving. Programs such as word, excel, power point are all software's more commonly seen in today's classrooms.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Journal Post 6

How do teachers organize electronic resources to address curriculum frameworks and learning standards?

Teachers can use multiple tools to organize curriculum frameworks and learning standards. Curriculum frameworks is a standard on what needs to be taught in each class and grade. They can go online and access those standards from an online database. For example: Sunshine state standards and common core. You could also use social bookmarking tools like Delicious or Diigo.  Delicious is an online bookmarking tool that a teacher could use for bookmarking or sharing their favorite websites. Other teachers can find helpful links through the tags on the website. For example tagging 3rd grade, teaching, and math.

Tech tool: Delicious- Delicious is a social booking tool used for teachers as well as everyone else to save their favorite websites. You can save your websites on any computer because it is an internet resource. It's free to create an account and easily accessible for anyone.

This chapter has been very helpful and thoughtful to being a future teacher. Learning about the standards and book marking tools have created a new perspective of teaching. I will definitely use this in the future.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Journal Post #5

What do students need to know about Internet Searching? Students have a lot to learn about Internet searching. One big thing about internet searching is that not all websites are legit. Anyone can make a website as long as they pay for it. Make sure you know where the information is coming from. Check the author and see if he/she is reliable. Also try to find a date to see if that specific page is updated accordingly. Not everything on the web is exactly true. So choose wisely when trying to find information. Also when searching, the top 10 results on a topic aren’t always reliable sources. All that means is it has been searched the most.

Flickr is a photo sharing website. You can post pictures, you can take pictures from other people that are copyright friendly. You can post pictures through flickr and share them through facebook or twitter. Also, you can make calendars, cards, photo books and postage stamps. I like flickr because of the easy access, you can easily access your photos through flickr's app.

Chapter 5 talks about web searching, search engines and website accuracy. I can see it's important your using accurate information on the internet. As a teacher i can see thee importance of educating my students about the internet because there is so many inaccuracies, you have to teach students how to properly search the web.