Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflective Post

During this semester in eme 2040 we did a lot of work with blogs and technology based assignments. I learned a lot from the book "Transforming learning with new technology." It showed me all the ways technology can be used as an aid in the classroom. I also learned how to have an open mind through interacting with my classmates by listening to their perspectives on technology and education. Their was a lot of work involved in this class, whether it was helpful or not. I wish instead of so many repetitive assignments, we had more open class discussions.

I worked very hard this semester on my assignments and I felt like the grading was very inconsistent with my assignments when I compared it to my classmates. It was very frustrating at times knowing I put in just as much work as my classmates and the grade didn't show for it. It's tough as a student to put in the work and then not get rewarded with the correct grade. It teaches students not to want to work and just give up.

This class has taught me so much. Not as much out of the book or technology based but this class single handedly made me realize that school is not for me. 

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